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Timing Is Everything

November 24, 2012

“Run at your own pace, don’t get caught up in someone else’s race” 

Those were the last words the coach of my running group left with us on Thanksgiving morning. After two months of training we were all about to conquer a 5 mile distance. I could relate to this advice because its so easy to get caught up in the excitement and energy that you loose focus. Experienced runners know that if you jump out too fast, too soon you wind up paying for it in the end.

Ever since I started running time has become more important to me. I’m constantly looking at my watch monitoring my speed, pace, and distance. This is not the type of sport in which you can get instant gratification from…its a slow build, and then one day you wake up and accomplish what you once thought was impossible.

This Monday will mark my 31st Birthday and I’ve noticed that ever since I joined the 30 club I get two different reactions when I tell everyone my age: Reaction 1: is disbelief because a lot people think I look and act much younger than I really am. Reaction 2: Starts with a question: Sooo are you dating anyone? Followed by an akward “pep talk” about how woman are getting married and having kids at a much older age, and that I should really try online dating…

I never ask for reaction number 2… some people just sort of feel the need to give it. I smile and and nod knowing that they probably meant well, but also knowing that there is something about my age and the fact that I am still single that makes some people feel the need to give me that response.

The Answer: Time

There is this invisible clock and pressure from society that makes people believe you to have reach major life goals: (go to college, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids), and if they aren’t met at a certain time, then you’ve somehow failed. Nonsense….We are all born into this world destined for our own paths, which is built around the choices we make. You simply cannot put a timeline on this. There is no formula that needs to be followed. Life happens when it’s supposed to, but it should happen on your watch only not anyone else’s.

If you take a closer look at my “life watch” I was never on time… But that is what makes me who I am. I’m different, and I like it that way.

Timing is everything- we use it as a guide, an excuse, and a reason, but we should all feel comfortable going at our own pace.

I know in the end that I’ll reach the finish line, and by then it won’t matter how long it took me to get there… just as long as I finish. 😉

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