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Thirty Years… 30 Lessons

November 5, 2011

The moment has finally arrived! Well… almost… I have about three weeks to enjoy what’s left of my twenties.  So instead of bitching and moaning about my youth fading away and all that nonsense I figured I’d share just a few life lessons I have acquired over the years.

Truth is, I’m still a kid at heart… I’m still learning how to navigate through life, but there are a few things that will always remain constant and true for me. So here it goes…. thirty lessons in 30 years:

1.) Learn to Shut up: Silence is golden! Don’t tell everyone everything… constantly talking  about your problems and situations can jinx you… Some things are just meant to be sacred.

2.) Sexual Chemistry & Compatibility are not the same thing: Chemistry without the compatibility is lust not love.

3.) You only get one good boss: The rest are just Satan’s children

4.)Listening to music while dancing in the mirror is very therapeutic: Plugging into your ipod and dancing around in your underwear is a must

5.) Its OK to do absolutely nothing sometimes: It was John Lennon who once said “time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted.”

6.)The first time someone shows you who they really are believe them: Words of wisdom by Maya Angelou

7.) Never worry about people who are ALWAYS the last ones to leave work: Feel sorry for them, they aren’t impressing anyone

8.) Having people hate on you can be a good thing: You must be doing something right

9.) Its not so much the loud ones, but the quiet ones you need to watch out for: The quiet ones are always the sneakiest

10.) Be nice & cordial to everyone you meet for the first time…its a small world out there: You never know who’s watching

11.) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

12.) Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear

13.) Always smile: Even when you don’t feel like it

14.) Listen to your mom: She’s always right

15.) What is meant to be always arrives when its supposed to… NOT when you want it to: Patience is a virtue

16.) Go with what makes you happy: Period!

17.) When it comes to love and relationships, you will only find what you think you deserve

18.) Everyone is allowed to screw up:  Just learn from it afterwards

19.) If the kiss is good, the sex will be good: 99.9% of the time

20.) Its not the quantity of friends that counts its the quality

21.) Mistakes, Failure, and Rejection=Experience

22.) Having good conversation and laughter over a great meal is one of the greatest  joys in life

26.) Always trust your gut: It never lies

27.) You need to have at least one mischievous experience in life: Do it once and then never do it again

28.) It’s Ok to do things on your own: Being surrounded by people all the time is not necessary

29.) Going out almost every night is overrated

30.) Simplicity is the key to overall satisfaction and happiness: It’s the little things in life that count the most and make it all worthwhile

So there you have it… just a few pearls of wisdom from a girl who is about to pass a huge milestone. I made it this far, and I am excited to see what else life has in store for me 🙂


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