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Pole Dancing 101

August 9, 2011

In my last post I hinted that I was going to be do something “interesting” in the city over the weekend…

Well, I went pole dancing (stop judging) and it was awesome!!!

Pole dancing as a fitness craze has been around for a couple of years now… and me being the queen of always trying new and random things I decided to give it a go!

It all started when I got an email from this social networking and event group I belong to called  Urban Girl Squad. Its absolutely free to join and they hold amazing events catered to young professional women in and around the City. So far with “UGS” I’ve gone on a wine tasting/ horseback riding trip, volunteered at Food Networks Wine & Food Festival, and gotten tips from a stylist on how to shop. When I saw  ” Intro to Pole Dancing” I had to laugh, but I also said what the hell…Lets do this!

I woke up early Sunday morning excited and ready! Wait, what the heck do I wear? Do I need a thong and clear heels? Whew! The website just said come with exercise clothes… I threw on a pair of  black spandex pants, a tank top, my white Chuck Taylors and headed out the door. On the way to class I couldn’t help but think of that old  Chris Rock joke about keeping his daughter off the pole … Maybe I’ll hold off on telling my Dad how my day was…

The class was held at a Lower East Side fitness studio called S Factor. Not only does this studio hold individual classes it also holds bridal parties and the occasional “I just got divorced I need to let off some steam” parties.

Not knowing what to expect I arrived a little early and waited for further instructions. After a few minutes went by we were told to wait in the studio and start stretching. The studio had 5 poles centered in the room  for us to use, it was dimly lit, no mirrors, with candles placed along side of the wall. I made small talk with some of the girls in the room, only one girl had tried this before… the rest of us were virgins to the pole.

Our instructor finally came in to greet us… She was very energetic! but I guess you have to be in order to teach a class like this. She explained that we would start off with a warm up exercise before getting down to the main event. What would come next I was not expecting at all. We stretched, but in a way I have never done before… It was a cross between meditation, dance, and some of the sexiest moves you could ever make. At first, I didn’t understand why we needed to do this, but I relaxed and realized it was all about getting comfortable with your body and embracing that sensual side of yourself. At one point, I looked around the room and saw women of all shapes, sizes, and colors; it was kind of cool to know that each of us may have our own insecurities, but at the moment we all felt sexy.

Now, to the moment I was really waiting for! We were separated into groups  of 3 and each given a pole to practice on. The first technique we learned was called the “FireFly” which is a lot more complicated than it looks….  The first time I tried it I looked more like a “Fire Fighter” than a “FireFly.” The instructor came over and I said to her “this is pretty hard!” She laughed and said “yes it is, but the more you  let go…The easier it will be” I kept that thought in mind and when it was my turn again I did it perfect! The instructor clapped and cheered me on and I thanked her for reminding me to “Let Go.”

I realize when you hear the words “pole dancing” sweet and sugary thing don’t always come to mind… but if you are looking for a great work out, a reason to feel sexy, or you just need to let go… Give it a try! You might surprise yourself or someone else for that matter 😉

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  1. August 16, 2011 12:21 am

    You are so funny and I love the way you shared your experience that will make anyone feel at ease about giving the pole a try:) Thanks for sharing and keep it up you’re great at this.

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  1. Meet the Squad: Erin Day | Urban Girl Squad

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