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A Spa Review

February 27, 2010

I LOVE Spa’s ! A few years ago I was bitten by the “spa bug” while I was on vacation and I’ve been addicted to getting pampered ever since. Now when I go away I try to make it a point to treat myself to a day of relaxation, and I encourage you to do the same.

Here is a review of the spa’s that I have visited so far, and the one’s I wish to attend in the future… 🙂

Overlooking the caribbean sea, Tierra Del Sol is a beautiful resort, spa, and country club on the island of Aruba.   The spa offers a variety of therapies, including massages, wraps, skin and body treatments, aromatherapies, hydrotherapy, manicure, pedicure and a newly opened full service hair salon. During my visit I decided to try the hot stone massage and it was AMAZING!!! 75 minutes of absolute heaven. Also, you don’t have to be a guest to take advantage of the quality amenities this resort has to offer. I was allowed to use the pool, hot tub, and gym for the rest of the day. Tierra del Sol was my first spa experience, and I can thank them for my addiction today. A

Asian inspired luxury right in the heart of Miami… The Mandarin Oriental is a prestigious  five star hotel chain with locations all across the country. I could not afford to stay at this particular hotel, however, I decided to take advantage of its pristine reputation for pampering its guests. The Spa offers tons of packages to suit just about anyone’s needs. They have treatments for couples, teenagers, expecting mothers, and newly weds. You can plan a full-day or a half-day..they are in no hurry to kick you out. My visit consisted of you guessed it… another hot stone massage!  I wanted to add something new to my experience and  at the time a special promotion was going on where I could combine treatments… So I decided to add on a rose pedal bath.

I must say that I was not that impressed by the massage..the one I had in Aruba was top notch compared to this. The stones were barely “hot” and the therapist was not the best. On the bright side, I did enjoy my bath..I was given a fresh plate of fruit and my own  private room to relax in. After my bath I was led into the steam room to detoxify. For a five star hotel I was expecting a bit more bang for my buck, but it was still a good experience. B+

Located in walking distance to everything downtown DC has to offer, JW Marriott is the perfect hotel for a short weekend getaway to our nations capital. When I noticed the hotel had a spa I had to take advantage! But when I arrived it wasn’t at all what I expected. The spa was basically a hallway with two doors. You can imagine this raised some doubt in my mind considering the other places I’ve visited. I picked the hot stone massage again to make up for my last experience and it was GREAT! The therapist had an amazing technique and the stones were nice and warm. I underestimated this visit and it turned out to be one the best! It just goes to show that  good things DO come in small packages  A-

Spa Montage Laguna Beach

If you ever wanted to feel like an Real  Housewive of Orange County for a day book a visit to Montage Laguna Beach because this place has it all. Breathtaking views of the ocean, clear blue skies, and mansions perched on top of the California hills, this is what luxury looks like. Here are just a few of what the facilities have to offer: A relaxation room with fireplace, a marble steam room, a Sauna, an outdoor cold plunge and whirlpool, an outdoor lap pool with panoramic views of the ocean… and the list goes on and on. The staff was top notch and very friendly… they treated me like royalty from the time I arrived until I left.  I decided to get a regular 60 min Swedish massage instead of the usual and it was Perfect! The massage itself  seemed as if it lasted forever. The therapist even added  a warm compress to my body, which I was not expecting. After my massage I grabbed some chilled cucumber slices and took a dip in the hot tub. All I had to do was tilt my head back and take in the feeling of bliss and total relaxation. Just like Tierra del Sol, I was allowed to use the outdoor facilities and lay out by the pool for the rest of the day. What more can I say but this is a place every spa goer should check out. A+

Next on the List…

As I mentioned before, now that this is becoming more of a habit, hopefully my future Spa visits will look a little something like this…

I’ll keep you updated!

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