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Thanksgiving Tips

November 6, 2009


Pretty soon we will all be gathered around somebody’s table eating until the top button of our pants leaves an imprint on our midsections.

You might have noticed that around the holiday’s individuals fall into one or two catergories:  people who show up to cook and  people who show up to eat…
Whatever person you may be I have listed a few tips to help  get you through Thanksgiving  and future holidays without a hitch.

  • If you are spending Thanksgiving solo or with a small group…

Check your local neighborhood to see which restaurants will be serving on Thanksgiving Day. It is not uncommon for some establishments to stay open on holiday’s, but it is always a good idea to plan ahead just in case. For those of you who live in the tri-state area has come up with a list of restaurants in New York City that will be open on Thanksgiving this year.

If you decide to stay home with a few friends or family turn your Thanksgiving into a potluck dinner! Have everyone bring in or cook their own “specialty dish” then swap recipes after.  This is a great way to take some of the pressure off the host by allowing everyone to contribute equally. If you get stuck on what you will be making Better Homes & Garden’s has a full menu with recipes for a  small Thanksgiving dinner.

  • If you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the first time…

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for or dreading your whole life. Whether you are trying to impress the in-laws, or it’s just your turn to cook, this is one occasion you can’t screw up…One turkey- one chance.

Cooking for a large group takes strategy and careful planning. Browse your recipes and buy  groceries in advance. Save the more perishable items for last. Choose “pre-cook” dishes like mac and cheese, or potatoes to prepare first. This way you can focus in or more important things like (ah em)…the Turkey. Speaking of the turkey, if you are  hesitant to prepare a traditional turkey on your first try then why not make a 45-min. Roast Turkey or a 35 min Deep Fried Turkey. Both are easy to make and taste delicious!

  • If you are a horrible cook, don’t like to cook, too lazy to cook, etc….

This one is for the “eater’s.” You know who you are… you run to the family room to watch the football game or play video games and you don’t come out until dinner is served. Yeah, your not foolin anyone…

This may fly in some situations, but if you are invited to eat in another person’s home it is only polite to show up not just with your appetite in hand. Be creative! For example, put together your own “Thanksgiving Basket.” Buy a Cornucopia and fill it with fruits, cheese, crackers, pumpkin flavored coffee etc. This is a a great way to show your appreciation without spending too much money or bringing the same old bottle of wine gift.

Another good idea is to offer to set the table for your host. After slaving around in the kitchen all day not too many people would turn this offer down. I’m not talking about laying a fork and a napkin on the table but actually decorating it in a creative way. Find table decorating ideas here to impress all of your friends and family.

You don’t have to be the next Martha Stewart, but a little thanks and appreciation goes a long way.

-Happy Thanks Giving! 😉

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  1. Ernest Day permalink
    November 6, 2009 6:47 am

    I eat & cook.

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