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Have A Little Fun While Bundeling Up

November 6, 2009

Let me start off by saying that I am not a fan of the winter. I shed a tear at the end of every summer when I have to put away my flip flops.

When you think about the cold one word comes to mind : “layers” And if you love fashion as much as I do this word is like kryptonite. Dressing for the winter months takes a back seat to looking cute just for the sake of not freezing your you know what off.

But don’t let the cold get you down, I say have a little fun with it!

Here are some unique ways to stay warm…

Fred Flare is a great website …they have  tons of toys, “goof” gifts,  and accessories like this Cupcake Beanie by “NEFF.” Why not show off just how sweet you really are.  $30








Everyone knows about the book “Where the Wild Things Are” ( I hope) its like a right of passage into childhood. Now that the movie has revived this unforgettable story so has the merchandise! Look at these adorable Where the Wild Things Are Slippers sold at Urban Outfitters. You get a choice of either Max or Moishe! This book warms your heart now it can warm your feet!  $28









Ok so far we’ve covered the head, the feet, now lets talk about the hands! Who wants to wear plain boring gloves when you could own a pair of these fun Puppy Mittens by “deLUX.” If you are not a doggie lover deLUX has even more cute and furry creatures for you to choose from… check it out at $26.









And finally, you know I couldn’t forget about the fellas right…Instead of putting your hands down your your pants to keep warm… why not put your underpants on your hands! $16

If these fun winter accessories don’t keep you warm, then I promise they will at least turn a few heads!


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  1. November 6, 2009 3:00 pm

    I think you should try all of these items on at once, take a picture, and let us see the final result.

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